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high quality apple developer account:CES turns up the sound: technologies that will help us hear, express ourselves and communicate better

admin2021-01-12134 offers solutions to help us better communicate with connected objects. — AFP Relaxnews They might be less visually spectacular than the latest generation of TVs or self-driving vehicles, but sound innovations are on track to change the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Here's a selection of the many that will be on display at CES January 11-14, 2021, which is this year, an all-virtual event. How to facilitate listening and dialogue The HeardThat application is for anyone who has hearing listening difficulties, especially in noisy places. The application uses artificial intelligence to turn your smartphone into a high-performance hearing aid, eliminating all the noise and interference that hampers clear understanding. It works with headphones or connected hearing aids. The application is already available for download via Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). Discover HeardThat. How to make synthetic voices even more ‘human’ For its part, South Korean firm Neosapience has developed a synthetic voice technology capable of expressing emotions. This tool, called TypeCast, allows any text to be read by "virtual actors," in this case voices specially adapted to each piece of content. It is even possible to choose several different voices and assign them a role or specific sentences. For each of the actors, wide ranges of emotions are proposed, as well as different settings such as reading speed or pause time between sentences. Discover Typecast. How to better communicate with connected objects Canadian startup develops optimized speech recognition solutions for any situation. The idea is to simplify the interaction between human and machine, using the most natural language possible, in any language. These solutions are designed for professionals to integrate into their connected devices so that they can be controlled more instinctively. Discover – AFP Relaxnews

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