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The populists have already agreed that the neoliberal elites are the problem, which is why Biden needs all the help he can get to heal his own country, let alone the world. DO more, talk less is the advice given by Kevin Rudd, former Australian prime minister, to current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, on his war of words with China.How do you tell politicians to shut up? As Fu Manchu might say, you are free to criticise your best customer but they are free not to buy from you. Fair, dinkum? The world is a downright mess because the elites told the masses that with freedom, democracy and globalisation, life will be better tomorrow. Tomorrow came and the middle classes (most of us) felt that our living standards are going down, jobs are being lost and we got sold a load of myths. So the middle class voted for change, but the elites like Hillary Clinton had the cheek to call them,

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