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WE need to tackle the issue of corruption and power abuse in the country more seriously. People are already fed-up of it and it happens continuously every year.


If we really want to control and eradicate these crimes, everybody in the country must actively and constructively play their role. We cannot leave the matter to be handled solely by the police or by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Everybody must be alert over their surroundings and report any mysterious or suspicious activities to the relevant authorities instead of doing nothing or turning their doubts into worthless gossip.

It is very important for us to know that there are many ways to prove crimes involving corruption and power abuse, and one is by looking at the sudden change in the lifestyle of a suspect themselves and of their family.

Any unexplained wealth or a sudden acquiring of a lavish lifestyle will certainly raise doubt and suspicion within the minds of any reasonable human being. Every rational person will want to get answers to any matter that raises doubt and suspicion.

It is not wrong for any rational human being to have such thoughts and make an inquiry over it. The only problem now is that most of these doubts and suspicions are kept by the individual to themselves, or, worst, turned into gossip that will not bring any significant changes in terms of controlling and eradicating the crimes of corruption and power abuse in the country.

The temptation of showing off to other people the sudden wealth that the suspect has obtained through such crimes is difficult for them and their immediate family members to resist.

With the existence of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and others, such temptations are easy and enjoyable for them to give in to.

It is important to note that many of the items seized by the authorities from suspects and their immediate family members over are relatively expensive or lavish items like jewellery, branded watches, cars and others, which cost thousands and, sometimes, millions of ringgit. There’s also evidence of frequent overseas trips or travelling first or business class.

It is impossible for any ordinary person, including civil servants, regardless of their rank in service, to purchase those lavish items and to book highly priced flight tickets for overseas trips. 

If any person, including civil servants and their immediate families start to show off their unexplained wealth, it is time for us to be brave and ask questions about the source of their income.

If the explanation given by the suspect is not satisfactory or is doubtful, we can take the matter to the higher level, namely by reporting the matter to the relevant authorities for proper or formal investigation to be carried out.

Unexplained wealth or sudden lavish lifestyles can also become circumstantial evidence that can be used along with other evidence to implicate the suspect for the crimes they have been charged with.


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