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2022 expected to be a good year for air travel

PETALING JAYA: Even though it is too early to say the worst is over for the aviation sector, the current developments with regards to vaccination programmes and gradual opening of borders is paving the way for a recovery of the sector.

It is one of the worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. But after a prolonged period of pandemic, the global community is gradually adapting to the new normal and taking to the skies.

Domestic air travel will continue its recovery uptrend this year while international travel will potentially enjoy more meaningful recovery towards end-2022, said Hong Leong Investment Bank Research.

The house believes 2022 is a year of recovery. It has projected a low base passenger growth of 793.4% year-on-year this year, driven mainly by domestic segment

Following the relaxation of the movement control measures, the Malaysian domestic air-travel traffic rebounded to 1.2 million in October 2021, further accelerating to 2.3 million a month later.

Even though it is a recovery year, the house believes the recovery process may be patchy as governments are still fearful of potential new clusters and evolution of new virus variants, it said. Asia-Pacific governments in general have lower risk tolerance as compared to the United States and Europe. It anticipates a longer period needed for international air travel to fully recover within the Asia-Pacific region.In its latest third quarter financial year 2021 results, Malaysian Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) reported a relatively healthy balance sheet position with RM6.4bil shareholders’ equity, RM1.5bil cash, RM193mil short-term debt and RM24mil short term lease liabilities.It said MAHB management has secured enough liquidity into 2022-2023.

It does not anticipate airport operators to recover in similar trend as domestic travels command lower spending power and provide lower margins.

Similarly, the majority of airlines will be relocating their capacities into the domestic segment and could face stiff competition with limited flight deployment by the respective airlines which could result in low asset utilisation.

Nevertheless, the majority of airlines have already restructured their aircraft loan and lease structures, enabling lower operating costs to match the sales structure.

While recovery is in sight, a strong balance sheet and cash flow for short-term turbulence is still needed to ensure operational sustainability until a full recovery.


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