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亚马逊云账号( firmer against US dollar at opening



『亚马逊云账』号[{《提》供}aws({账}号)、aws“<全区号>”、aws32v({账}号)、 『亚马逊云账』号[出售,{《提》供}api ,<质量稳定>,<数量持续>。‘另有售’azure oracle linode等({账}号).

KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit strengthened further against the US dollar at the opening on Thursday as fears over the Omicron variant eased, a dealer said.At 9 am, the local note appreciated to 4.2160/2185 against the greenback from 4.2240/2260 at Wednesday’s close.The local note was traded higher vis-a-vis a basket of major currencies, except for against the euro.The ringgit went up against the Singapore dollar to 3.0948/0971 from 3.0954/0973 at Wednesday's close, strengthened versus the Japanese yen to 3.7047/7073 from 3.7206/7227, and improved further against the British pound to 5.5660/5693 from 5.5938/5965.However, the local note fell against the euro to 4.7797/7825 from 4.7672/7695. - Bernama


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