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IT is time the government initiates a fund to cope with the increasing number of disabled persons to ease their suffering and hardship.

A few days ago, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, in a meaningful gesture, had said 1% of public sector jobs will be reserved for the disabled. The prime minister’s mission and vision for this allocation to become a reality is laudable and appreciated. Considering the large number of disabled persons and meagre  payments from the Social Welfare Department, they cannot fully depend on handouts for their special needs.

The government has been doing much for the disabled by ensuring that they can use public transport, ensuring offices and buildings have ramps for easy access, reserving parking lots in busy areas and providing many other incentives and privileges.

The corporate sector can also complement the efforts of the government by employing more of the disabled for certain category of jobs. A lot of jobs such as security guards, receptionists, janitors and supervisors need to be reserved for the disabled. Business opportunities too can be provided for them to make a living. Special training for certain jobs can be given and paid from the fund. 

Those interested in starting small enterprises can similarly apply for loans from this fund, as banks could be hesitant to provide them loans. Many of the disabled are talented, creative and gifted, hardworking, and show a high level of perseverance – as can be seen in the Paralympics – to overcome their plight and Malaysia must fully use their talent. One is reminded of a verse from Thomas Gray’s Churchyard Elegy:

Full many a gem of purest ray serene,

the dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,

and waste it sweetness on the desert air.

Even though congenital disability has been reduced to the minimum due to Malaysia’s excellent pre- and post-natal medical care, the number of disabled persons is spiking due to factors like motor and industrial accidents, diabetic amputations of limbs, old age-related ailments, blindness due to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases resulting in strokes, deformities in children due to child abuse and malnutrition, and mental stress. The total number of people affected in these categories could be in the thousands, and most are adults and many could be wheelchair-bound. Some are rendered physically and mentally disabled  in the prime of their life due to some unfortunate accident, which leads to a huge socio-economic loss for the nation. The government has to incur large expenditures for the disabled but it is still not enough. The rich can afford maids and private medical care but the M40 and B40 groups are unable to afford the expenses in the long run and would like the government to assist them.


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