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FIVE and a half years after the United States Department of Justice filed its largest ever criminal complaint relating to the embezzling in 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Malaysia’s Court of Appeal today unanimously upheld High Court judge Nazlan Ghazali’s earlier (July 2020) conviction of former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He had fined Najib RM210 million and sentenced him to 12 years in jail. Nazlan, however, however let Najib out on bail to await his appeal. Najib should not have been granted this privilege considering the scale of his crime and his subsequent behaviours.

That the appeals court judges had to admonish his high-priced lawyers and Najib not to treat the courts as kedai kopi (coffee shop) was instructive. Now the appeals court is repeating the same mistake made by Nazlan by allowing Najib a stay of execution.

He should have been stripped of his expensive Armani suits, put in an orange prison garb, have his mugshot taken and driven straight to prison.

That smug grin must be wiped off his face, to serve as a much-needed antidote for us Malays, especially those in Umno still intoxicated with their current revelry of “Malu apa bossku?” (What is there to be ashamed with my boss?) This being Malaysia, one cannot separate the racial element. The only way the appellate decision could have been more powerful would be had all three appeals court judges as well as the prosecuting team (or at least its lead prosecutor) been all Malays.

Malays very much need a shock therapy and a powerful antidote to our current mass delusion that we are a pristine and innocent lot, only that we had been “cheated” by those crooked Jews at Goldman Sachs and the ever avaricious Chinese personified by the likes of that moon-faced Jho Low.

This mass delusion has been amplified by those government-issued ulama who had received the dropped crumbs from the plundering of 1MDB in the form of free haj trips. Seeing Najib in orange and his mugshot making global headlines would awaken us from our collective denial and slumber, as well as disabuse us of our hitherto blind trust in and assumptions of this crooked leader, and others like him. Those who still believe in Najib’s innocence and that these charges are politically motivated have much to explain.

At least three other jurisdictions (US, Singapore, and Switzerland) had much earlier secured guilty pleas or convicted the other principals involved in 1MDB. Goldman Sachs, Najib’s premier enabler institution, has already admitted guilt and paid restitution to Malaysia. Then there were those obscene images of the piles of boxes stuffed with foreign currencies hauled from Najib’s personal residence soon after the 2018 elections.

Najib had used the excuse that those were political “donations” from his friends and admirers abroad to be used for his and his party’s campaign.


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