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aws试用账号( offers extra 4% annual bonus



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Touch ‘n Go Group group chief executive officer Effendy Shahul Hamid said response has been very positive.

KUALA LUMPUR: GO+, an investment feature on the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, is offering an additional 4% per annum bonus return rate until Jan 31, 2022.

On top of the daily return rate of about 1.5% per annum, the Touch ‘n Go Group said GO+ users would need to have a minimum account balance of RM200 to be able to enjoy the additional bonus.

“Users can maintain a maximum of RM9,500 in their GO+ balances,” it said.

Touch ‘n Go Group group chief executive officer Effendy Shahul Hamid said response has been very positive.

“We want to continue to accelerate along this vertical and promote financial inclusion and options.

“The response we have gotten to GO+ thus far has been very positive and we want to make sure our users continue to see benefits from using our micro-investment services,” he said in a statement.According to Effendy, GO+ is attractive not just for the bonus rate, but users will have peace of mind as putting aside their money in GO+ will enable them to earn daily returns.Touch ‘n Go eWallet

At the same time, he said users can use GO+ balances across all Touch ‘n Go eWallet use cases.

“The underlying fund for GO+ is the Principal e-Cash Fund, which is a syariah-compliant money market fund managed by Principal Asset Management, a leading Asean asset management company.

“The product co-creation collaboration combines Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s expertise in technology and ecosystems and Principal Asset Management’s core expertise in global investment management and total retirement solutions.”

Principal Asset Management chief executive officer Munirah Khairuddin said the group’s purpose is to provide all Malaysians with an opportunity to be a step closer towards reaching their financial security.

“We’re excited with our collaboration with Touch ‘n Go to bring more innovative solutions focused on affordability, savings and investments and inclusivity, while making investments easy to understand and helping customers on their investment journeys.”

GO+ enables an easy and convenient method for Touch ‘n Go eWallet users to earn returns on their GO+ balance.

The returns are credited daily to the users’ accounts. To add to its greater usability, GO+ balances can also be used for all eWallet payments such as toll charges, groceries, utility, car rental, and insurance purchases.

To activate the GO+ account, users need to go through an onboarding process, cash in and maintain at least RM200 in the GO+ account to enjoy the bonus rate.



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