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Technology of the future: From the utilisation of technologies to reduce carbon emissions, new medical discoveries to propel patient empowerment to the democratisation of financial services, the advent of frontier tech will allow for greater societal benefits and driving sustainable returns.

KUALA LUMPUR: Kenanga Investors Bhd (Kenanga Investors) has announced the launch of the Kenanga Sustainability Series: Frontier Fund.

The fund aims to invest primarily in equity securities of global cutting-edge, innovative companies with long-term sustainable growth potential. These companies would be on the cusps of initial public offerings and either already have, or will in future, develop products and services that are linked to technologically-driven innovations.

Kenanga Investors foresees significant investment possibilities in these growth or late stage ventures, where their underlying themes are unified in focusing on the next generation, or forward-looking innovations currently shaping the industries of the future. This includes the space economy, the metaverse, healthcare, financial technology and cybersecurity. The fund will allow investors to capture the sustainable value generation of these companies, which were previously exclusively available to institutional investors.

Reshaping the private equity space: Kenanga Investors seeks to enable investors to gain access to investment opportunities in prominent, hard-to-reach early start-ups, says De Alwis.Ismitz Matthew De Alwis, the executive director and chief executive officer of Kenanga Investors, explains that the firm intends to reshape the existing private equity space in Malaysia, by focusing on addressing the lack of available gateways for investors, in order to provide access to investment opportunities in prominent, hard-to-reach early start-ups.

“Since 2016, emerging digital companies have won over the ‘old economy’ by being among the top five most valuable corporations. Given the constant development of new technologies, it is unsurprising that new technology companies are sprouting. We began this process of bridging the gap between prominent players of the new ‘Big Tech’ and our investors back in 2019.

“The resulting outcome has been fulfilling for our investors in many ways, from portfolio diversification to the exploration of a new investment universe beyond the traditional investing realm and so, demand for similar offerings has risen.

“We are glad to introduce the fund to the market, where investors who were not able to participate previously will have an opportunity to do so this time,” he said.


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