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PETALING JAYA: The hostile economic climate exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic has set economies spinning.

With disruptions to physical stores and supply chains, lockdowns limiting movement, rising costs affecting distribution, job losses affecting consumer spends and a highly competitive retail space, the game for brands was a focus on short-term return on investment.

Amidst this, Initiative, the media agency under the IPG Mediabrands network, looked within to question the disruption.

Darren Yuen, CEO of Initiative Malaysia talks about how the agency challenged itself to build for positive disruption, bring back the purpose of building brilliant brands, drive cultural momentum underpinned by data, and prove the value of the marketing dollar.

As a result, while agencies struggled to counter a negative economy, Initiative was recently ranked number one on research company Recma’s qualitative rankings, the only agency to score a dominant profile and improve scores for the year.

This improvement of scores is in part related to agency structure improvements in relation to clients and business exposure, as well as a healthy new business balance, with Initiative bringing in new clients Vivo, Paynet, Lotus’s and Astro Go Shop over the course of the year.

Here, Initiative’s comeback journey is tracked, showing how the agency reinvented itself to grow to the number one position amidst a year filled with disruptions.

Before looking out, you need to look within “‘Look within to find the answer’ is often said. And Initiative did just that. Internally, ways of working were relooked to challenge existing marketing frameworks and category preconceptions.

“The ways of brands and business had changed, and internal processes and methodologies needed to change too.

Internally, talents were trained in Velocity Planning – a high intensity modular workshop that is the solution to delivering brand messages using cultural data signals to embody culture and cultural relevance.

“Through these, internal plans were translated, becoming the backbone of solutions for use with clients and new business pitches, with the conversation focused on effectiveness and growing audiences,” he said.

Putting disruptive profit models to the test Yuen said the need of the hour for Initiative was generating a bigger impact for clients, and this led to the introduction of new data and martech services to expand Initiative’s offering to clients.

Marketing technology (also known as martech) describes the systems and tools that help marketers better engage with customers.

With clients shifting spends to digital and moving at lightning speed to adopt ecommerce, he said the agency simultaneously rolled out Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and data management capabilities to help clients understand how best to use their data to make predictive analysis and forecasts.


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