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KUALA LUMPUR: Property associations and players are hopeful that the government will announce key measures under Budget 2022 that can address and resolve perennial issues that have been a strain on the market.

Issues such as affordable housing and the overhang situation, despite being regularly addressed, continue to have an adverse impact on the market.

According to the Association of Valuers, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Property Consultants in the Private Sector Malaysia (PEPS), the affordable housing market is beset with plenty of problems and issues.

There are 8,439 unsold units of affordable housing, despite being priced below RM300,000. This showed a mismatch in supply and demand and it is partly due to affordable housing being built in wrong locations within poor catchment areas and the lack of public transport.

“Based on current household income, most Malaysians will not be able to afford a house. The current median house price is far beyond the affordability level of most Malaysian households,” PEPS said in a note on its Budget 2022 wish list.

There is still a lack of communication among the various agencies and state governments involved in affordable housing, according to the association.

“There is also no integrated data available on the supply and demand for affordable housing, income levels, affordability and pricing in order to build the right product in the right location.”

To resolve the conundrum, PEPS is proposing that the Housing Ministry make it mandatory for agencies and state governments involved in affordable housing projects to report their plans to avoid any duplication.

The association also proposed that research grants be given to the Housing Ministry to carry out in-depth research on supply and demand, product types and pricing levels to match the household incomes in each locality.

It recommended that the state economic development corporations, state agencies and government-linked companies play a more active role in developing affordable housing.

“This is because of their available land bank, either of their own or set up via joint ventures with developers to build affordable housing.

“The government should also set up a fund to finance the purchase of affordable housing, youth housing and the purchase of unsold units from other agencies for a rent-to-own programme.”

A mandatory market and financial feasibility study should be undertaken prior to the commencement of an affordable housing project.

At the Malaysian Property Summit 2021 earlier this month, Khong & Jaafar managing director Elvin Fernandez said conducting a market and financial feasibility study would also help to resolve the overhang situation in the country.


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