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At the very least, the PLC Transformation Programme sets a framework from which Malaysian listed companies can refer to in order to thrive in the fast changing corporate landscape.

Transforming listed companiesTHE newly announced PLC Transformation Programme (PLCTP) may sound like yet another new buzzword created by government officials. But the programme’s intentions and targets are a welcome move.

At the very least, it sets a framework from which Malaysian listed companies can refer to in order to thrive in the fast changing corporate landscape.

The need to improve sustainable, socially responsible and ethical practices cannot be overemphasised.

Becoming digitally-enabled is also crucial to survival today.

While many executives are familiar with these catch-phrases, incorporating such strategies and philosophies into their organisations is a different matter.

This is more so given that companies are now focused on recovering from the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supply-chain bottlenecks and foreign worker shortages are other challenges they face.

How to think about sustainability?

Companies must also be worried if these new initiatives are going to cost them more money at a time when they have to keep a sharp eye out on their cash flows.

Ironically, these are the very reasons why thinking about the tenets highlighted by the PLCT are important, for the future-proofing of these listed companies.

For example, if you are not disposing of your waste in a socially and environmentally responsible way, that act will someday soon come back to haunt you and drive investors and other stakeholders and partners away. It is helpful that the government will be issuing guidebooks that will entail best practices, case studies and benchmarks to help the listed companies reach the stated PLCT goals.

Interestingly, a “digital dashboard” will be created to monitor the efforts of the companies.

It is left to be seen how such data will be collected from the companies.

Also, what happens when companies do not make serious efforts towards the goals?

All eyes will be on Bursa Malaysia, which is tasked with spear heading the five year PLCT programme.

The exchange has a number of options on how to ensure listed companies comply.

Healthcare valuationsNEWS of a possible buyout of KPJ Healthcare Bhd is not entirely surprising.

Although KPJ has told the exchange that it has not received any notification for a privatisation proposal from any party to date, that does not mean that plans had been afoot for such a deal.

After all, healthcare companies are the rage following the pandemic due to a rising need for private healthcare.

Whatever the case, as it stands now, KPJ can seem very attractive to potential buyers.


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