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ios developer account:YOURSAY | Game up for Muhyiddin? Ball is back in Agong’s court


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YOURSAY | ‘The king now has the great opportunity to put the country back on keel.’

Umno: Muhyiddin no longer commands majority, here's proof

A Little Bit Crazy: I believe this is the best the Umno 11 can do right now. More Umno MPs as well as those from Sarawak GPS, MCA and MIC will join them to withdraw their support for the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

For the betterment of the rakyat, I believe Pakatan Harapan should be given the first right to form the next government, or an interim government, until GE15.

If in the end, a unity government is to be formed because no one side has more than 110 MPs support, then only Khairy Jamaluddin should be invited from the existing PN government to join the team. Other existing PN ministers should be sent packing.

And please, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Najib Abdul Razak and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah should not hold any official post in the next government too. Their time is over. Malaysians deserve a better PM and government.

Quo Vadis: This is the court cluster's last desperate attempt when their pressure to denounce the prime minister but support the PN government did not work.

The proposal to have the power slide to the current deputy prime minister was aborted by the three known factions within Umno striving to hop into the driving seat.

The king now has the great opportunity to put the country back on keel. We await with bated breath.

BusinessFirst: Well, Umno is filled with opportunists.

I believe once these 11 names are announced and it is clear that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has lost power, the rest of Umno MPs and ministers will know the game is up and they will suddenly declare loyalty to king and party again.

One cabinet minister has already resigned. That means it is now 12 Umno MPs out of the ruling coalition. Soon it will be a flood.

The only Umno members who remain in PN are those who know that there is no place left for them in Umno because they are Bersatu members in Umno clothes. They will switch parties.

More interesting are the independent ‘frogs’ from PKR with the threat hanging over them weakening and with fear that the new people in charge will seek revenge. I wonder where they will stand now. I would not be surprised if they jumped ship again.

FairMalaysian: It looks like Muhyiddin and his government's game is up. Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob's dream to be PM may be just that - a dream.

While the "fire" is raging and ravaging the country, politicians are fiddling with the "roulette". Could this be the end of Bersatu?

Doc: Will Umno unite behind this decision to withdraw from PN or will this decision further split Umno into the two existing chasm - the Umno governing body and the recalcitrant PN cabinet/GLC (government-linked company) cluster?

Clearly, Umno’s internal fracture will deepen even more should PN disintegrate and see the return of the prodigal court cluster. Umno is headed for rocky waters for sure and the party’s long-term survival is at stake.


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