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,Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz: " I believe the NRP is our best hope yet – and currently our most viable multi-voice solution – in exiting this pandemic."

OFT-TIMES, in the face of adversity and crisis, the most Malaysian thing to do is put our differences aside and work together to overcome them. This is most apparent during natural disasters, or monsoon floods.Other examples include past financial crises, as well as the severe acute respiratory syndrome and Japanese encephalitis health crises, to name a few.

Our beloved country is still in a health and economic crisis. Many countries, including Malaysia, who had successfully contained the virus before are currently seeing a spike in cases due to the Delta and Lambda variants, which are more lethal and infectious than earlier versions. Yes, there may be much reason for many of us to be angry and play the blame game. But, the omnipresent threat of the virus ill affords us such luxury.

It is exactly this threat that underscores the urgency of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), which is based on six core principles, including reopening our economy; being guided by science and data; taking a whole-of-nation approach; and ensuring the plan is dynamic and adaptable.

At the heart of this core, however, is a sincere and serious effort cutting across party and ideological lines to embrace a diverse set of opinions – from opposition parties, non-governmental organisations, the businesses community as well as economic, health and social welfare experts – towards a common goal.

Ultimately, however, it is all about the rakyat’s lives, which must be protected by ensuring our healthcare system – particularly its capacity to respond – can cope, and by ramping up our National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme.

It is important for everyone to remain united and focused on the task at hand by looking at the bigger picture. It is like we are on a flight, and the plane suffers some technical problems that need to be fixed in mid-air to avoid a crash. Instead of focusing on ensuring everyone’s safe landing, the crew bicker about changing the pilot instead. Imagine us the rakyat as passengers on that flight - how do we feel?

Lives are at stake in our country, and the rakyat needs to know that we have got our act together to try and help this country exit safely from the pandemic. So, why waste a valuable opportunity to pool our viewpoints, knowledge, ideas and resources systematically via the NRP? I believe the NRP is our best hope yet – and currently our most viable multi-voice solution – in exiting this pandemic.

This is why we have also invited members of opposing political parties like Pakatan Harapan, Warisan and of course, Pejuang, who has unfortunately officially refused the invitation. In gathering viewpoints from as many quarters as possible, a good idea is a good idea, it should not matter who proposes it. In fact, this is exactly what the Finance Ministry did during Budget 2021, when we incorporated various proposals – even from the Opposition parties – in the budget.


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