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NO matter which cloud vendors they use, businesses need a digital platform that creates a unified data model.

Moving data from on-prem to the cloud represents one of the most exciting innovations in corporate IT. It can also be very messy, especially with the emergence of so many cloud providers, each with their own distinct technologies and protocols.

One solution for the enterprise is to move to a single digital platform to manage all IT assets, regardless of whether they’re stored on one vendor’s cloud or shared among the big four: Google, Amazon, IBM, or Microsoft. A unified data platform can also boost efficiency, speed time to market, and generate better customer service.

Companies should carefully consider the risks of migrating data to multiple clouds. Storing some data on Azure and then moving some data to AWS is a recipe for chaos and unexpected complexity. To protect the integrity of IT assets, companies need to deploy a single digital platform to oversee and manage its data, no matter the cloud provider. Only then can companies fully take advantage of the innovations that cloud technology provides.

System patchwork

To lower costs, many companies have opted to store data on multiple clouds. The result is a patchwork of systems that don’t effectively communicate with one another. About 40 percent of companies describe the IT environment they envision for the next two years as multicloud with low interoperability, according to a study by IDC.

The use of so many cloud platforms with little or no interoperability means a heightened risk of material disruptions or even systemwide shutdowns. Companies need tools that can spot these disruptions and prevent them from happening.

Reduce licensing headaches

The solution to multicloud chaos is a single digital platform that can map out IT assets across various cloud providers, allowing users to glean real-time insights from various workflow streams, such as asset management, security, and cost compliance.

For example, many organizations spend significant sums on enterprise software licenses that they don’t use. Managing these licenses can be tough because software asset management (SAM) teams still wrestle with spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes.

The problem has become especially acute as companies migrate their data from on-prem data centers to the cloud. Licenses often restrict users to a specific platform or a service, which means companies must pay additional fees to the vendor for the same software if they want to move data from an onsite server to, say, Amazon Web Services or Azure. Some software makers have even sued customers for moving data and its accompanying software from on-prem to a cloud provider without obtaining a new license.

Spot trouble in advance

A single data platform, armed with more advanced predictive software, can also help companies spot operational problems before they happen.


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