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buy apple developer account:Have you heard of ‘Dooglers’, the lucky dogs of Google employees?


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,Life at Google on Instagram. — AFP Relaxnews

The US-based tech giant encourages its employees to come to the office with their “Doogler”. These Google dogs play a key role in maintaining employees’ mental health as well as in facilitating cooperation.

Of course sometimes they are just too cute, begging for cuddles and momentarily distracting employees from work. It’s a dog’s life.

Ok Google: at the headquarters of the search engine, in California, work life is pretty cool. So much so in fact that employees are encouraged to bring their pets to work.

Whether working from home due to pandemic restrictions or working in the office, Google is of the opinion that a ‘Doogler’ can help.

A Doogler?

The original Doogler group at the company was created about two and a half years ago but during the pandemic the company noticed that many of the “Googlers” – the employees of Google – stuck at home had adopted a pet, mostly from a shelter and so more groups were created. The name “Dooglers” comes from a combination of “dog” and “Googlers”.

Cat lovers can rest assured that Google doesn’t discriminate with cats being termed “Mewglers”.

Doogleplex and customised leashes

And Googlers wanted to share their love for their Dooglers, with the clever, funny name quickly becoming a signature. The Mountain View campus is home to the Doogleplex, a dog park and daycare, so that the Dooglers can play with each other.

There’s even a Doogler accessories collection of official Google merchandise that gives owners the possibility of dressing up their favourite pets with accessories like specially branded collars and leashes. And don’t forget the bowl.

Bonus for the company: Fido advertises free of charge for the search engine just by going for his daily walkies in the street.

Cuddles galore

But be warned, adopting a cute pet and taking them to work isn't without its “inconveniences”. In an article published by Google, employee Danielle testifies to the distraction factor.

“As great as it is to have my dog at work, when he’s at my desk, I get less done!” she says. “So many people want to come pet him and see him, so this was a nice way of giving him play time with my coworkers.” – AFP Relaxnews



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